When cutting ceramic tiles (glass + clay) using primitive diamond blade, cut the tiles under a sheet of glass, so no shards of glass get into your eye.

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In-reply-to » Google Lets Personal Users Stay On 'No-Cost Legacy G Suite' With Custom Gmail Domain Back in April, Google delayed when G Suite legacy free-edition users had to start paying for Workspace. The company will now let you stay on a "Free Legacy Edition of G Suite for personal use" as the "no-cost" alternative in a rather notable policy change. 9to5Google reports: This "no-cost" option is for peop ... ⌘ Read more Wow! 😳 Kudos to Google for listening to its users and community and not screwing us over 😂

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In-reply-to » Almost all searches on my independent search engine are now from SEO spam bots Article URL: Hmmmm

Conclusion: Is there anybody out there?

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but it’s hard not to think that there is some truth to The Dead Internet Theory, i.e. the belief that the Internet is now empty and devoid of real people, and that everything is just bots talking to bots to generate content and clicks in order to get a share of the all-important and ever-growing advertising revenue5.

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In-reply-to » European Parliament votes for Free Software in AI resolution – This position must now be included in the AI regulation GPT-3 summarizes this as:

The European Parliament has passed a resolution on Artificial Intelligence with a majority of 495 votes in favor, 34 against, and 102 abstentions. The resolution includes many references to the advantages of Free Software and the FSFE is urging the Parliament to transfer its own position into the AI regulation.

Is this accurate? Is there a bit more to this? 🤔

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lessons from xx years of self-hosting:

  • build a community, not userbase
  • bots cannot predict human folly
  • you don’t need 42u of metal to serve a website
  • communities grow best slow and organically
  • quality > quantity
  • automate as much as possible
  • have your system(s) tell you what’s up || down
  • add service(s) slowly, understand attack surface(s)
  • sandbox || isolate pids and services when you can
  • when stress > fun, revisit self-hosting

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